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Shameful for the vigorous in mind to become lazy

July 24, 2018

“It is one thing when you cannot learn, or to speak more truly, cannot easily learn, and another when you are able, and do not wish to know. For just as it is more glorious, with no facilities at hand, to attain wisdom by excellence alone, so it is more shameful to be vigorous in mind, to abound in riches, and to grow torpid in laziness. …”

Hugh of St. Victor, 12th century. From: C.H. Buttiner, ed. Didascalicon. Washington: Catholic University Press, 1939.

Comment: The definition of “shame” here is “a regrettable or unfortunate situation or action” (google dictionary). You will regret not applying your prodigious mental faculties to worthy intellectual efforts. Don’t be lazy. Get started now.

I also like that Hugh of St. Victor emphasized that all can learn, although some can learn easily. Thus, education and learning are open to all.

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